Well we were open – briefly!

Following further government guidelines, as we enter the second lockdown, we were once again forced to close from Thursday 5th March.

The original regulations prohibited take away sales of alcohol but this was changed just prior to the actual lockdown. Alcoholic take outs are no permitted but only if pre-ordered.

Having double checked that we had interpreted this correctly, as well as considering whether there would be enough interest in offering a take out option again, so as to ensure enough of a take up to be certain as to the continued high quality of our ales, we are delighted to announce that the Hatch will once again be in service throughout this second lockdown.

This will be in a limited form, daily between 3 – 5pm and ALL drinks must be pre-ordered prior to collection at the allotted time given, so as to reduce gatherings outside of the pub. Orders can be placed via phone call, text message, Facebook message, WhatsApp or any other available means.

We hope that this continued community service continues to help you all survive these trying times a little easier & look forward to seeing you at the Hatch!!

Steve, Jane & CJ at The Grove Tavern xx